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Developing a Pro-Active Strategy

By Christian Killoran & Brian Fitzpatrick

You are excited when you receive the news. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) has decided to open up previously reserved state managed land to hunters.  Notably, the land is located in Western Suffolk County and therefore represents a substantial opportunity for local hunters who ordinarily need to dedicate a considerable amount of time to access the distant environs of Eastern Suffolk County....... Read More.

safe hunting index

2014 Marks Second Safest Season

for Hunting in New York

By New York State DEC

The 2014 New York hunting season closed with the second lowest number of hunting related-shooting incidents on record, State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens announced today....... Read More.

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A Story of Defying the Odds

By Joseph Albanese

It is often said that the world is shrinking. In this age of social networks and instant connectivity it is easy to draw this conclusion. A thought can travel from one end of the world to another in mere seconds. But even before this electronic web encircled the globe, some communities were very well connected...... Read More.

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A Case Study in Local & Effective Deer

Management Policy

By Christian Killoran

During late 2013 and throughout the early months of 2014, the collective conglomerate consisting of the Town of Southold, the Long Island Farm Bureau, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the United States Department of Agriculture, formulated what infamously came to be known as “The Cull”. Read More.

ringneck pheasant index

New York DEC Announces Release of

30,000 Pheasants for 2014 Season

By New York State DEC

Approximately 30,000 adult pheasants will be released on lands open to public hunting for the upcoming fall pheasant hunting season, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced today. The pheasant hunting season begins on October 1 in northern and eastern portions of New York, October 18 in central and western portions, and November 1 on Long Island...... Read More.

surburban tactics index

Suburban Tactics....

Hunting the Urban Landscape

By Christian Killoran

In many ways, suburban hunting, such as that which is offered throughout vast stretches of Long Island, offers the hunter a relatively superior experience. While we all appreciate the opportunity to leave the “island” behind and get away to the beautiful environs of upstate and beyond, staying home and enjoying the sport we love has a lot to offer...... Read More.

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Mentoring the Novice Hunter

By Michael Byrne

Most hunters follow a lineage of hunting tradition, where valuable knowledge is handed down through the generations, but there are some who have the desire to delve into hunting but do not hail from a hunting family, so seeking sound, time tested advice can prove to be elusive...... Read More.

ill gotten index

Ill Gotten Gains . . .

Theft Among Hunters

By Michael Byrne

This time of year, eager, hard working hunters have been prepping for the upcoming season by diligently scouting hunting spots, planting food plots, shooting countless arrows in the center bullseye and hanging tree stands in the optimal kill zone. There is however a lazy bunch of wretched parasites amongst us who choose to take advantage of others hard work and sacrifice by any means necessary...... Read More.

crossbow hunting 2 index

New York DEC Announces Rule Changes to

Impliment New Crossbow Hunting Law

By New York State DEC

With new state legislation authorizing the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to allow taking of big game (deer and bear) or small game by the use of a crossbow at certain times and places in New York, DEC is now accepting public comment on proposed regulation changes so crossbows may be a legal implement for the fall 2014 hunting seasons...... Read More.

adult spring turkey index

Long Island Turkey Hunters Cry "Fowl"

By Donny Talbott

As a turkey hunter on Long Island, I know what you are thinking when the trees are in bloom, bird song fills the air and literally dozens of turkeys cross your path while out searching for whitetail sheds: Could it possibly be time for an adult Spring Turkey season on the Island?...... Read More.

velvet shoot index

LIDH Summer Velvet Archery Shoot Out

at Thrill of the Hunt Indoor 3D Archery

By Michael Byrne

Ask any hard-core whitetail bow hunter what they think about during the off-season and they will tell you… archery, archery and more archery.  Good thing there is a unique place on the island where these die-hards can assemble, reminisce about past hunts, look ahead to the coming season and hone their skills by letting a little carbon fly...... Read More.

crossbow index

Deer Hunters Call for Crossbows on L.I.

By Mike Tessitore

Long Island’s expanding deer population has caused a quite a stir in modern white-tailed deer management, which has brought much needed attention to how the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, local municipalities and lawmakers will regulate deer hunting in the future. .... Read More.

goose banding index

Goose Banding and Returns

By Joe Albanese

Throughout NY State there are several different boundaries set up for waterfowl hunting. Ducks and geese even have their own separate zones, and season dates. Here on our own Long Island, we now have three separate zones for our goose population. ...... Read More.

hawk index

The Master Assassin:

A Red-Tailed Hawk Hunt with Mike Farley

By Michael Byrne

As hunters, we are fortunate to experience nature up close and personal, as we sit silently in the woods and marshes, waiting for our prey to reveal itself for the inevitable demise that awaits it. We are after all, descendants of primordial beings whose basic instinct was to hunt for food. However, we are not the only hunters in the woods...... Read More.

hunters hunter index

The Hunter's Hunter - A Rick Kiely Story

By Michael Byrne

For Rick Kiely, archery hunting for white tail is more than a hobby or an obsession; it is a way of life that has profound meaning and deep seeded roots into a story that began with childhood awe and curiosity and embodies a man that lives for the hunt 365 days a year. .... Read More.

duck banding index

Kids and Conservation:

Waterfowl Banding with Ducks Unlimited

By Michael Byrne

On March 16, 2014 New York Ducks Unlimited held its annual duck banding conducted by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the US Fish and Wildlife Service at its facility on the grounds of Hubbard County Park in Flanders, Long Island, New York...... Read More.

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