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Hunting the Urban Landscape

By Christian Killoran - September, 2014

In many ways, suburban hunting, such as that which is offered throughout vast stretches of Long Island, offers the hunter a relatively superior experience. While we all appreciate the opportunity to leave the “island” behind and get away to the beautiful environs of upstate and beyond, staying home and enjoying the sport we love has a lot to offer.

First, I would surmise that eastern Long Island boasts one of the best “land to deer ratios”. In other words, there is simply a greater volume of deer, as a percentage of available hunting land, throughout eastern Long Island than perhaps any where in New York. Secondly, the quality of deer is often superior on Long Island. Notably, the lack of severe weather and the vast amount of available food, enable the deer to grow relatively larger than their upstate kin. Equally notable, coupled with the fact that the land is relatively under-hunted, the deer are able to age into considerable maturity. Third, Long Island’s scenery is “on-par” with any vista offered anywhere in New York. Long Island offers state land, county land, town land, and private land with varying topography and accents, such as streams, lakes, ponds, and even the ocean. Fourth, the short commute times, enables any eastern located hunter to seize upon very short windows of opportunity. For example, I’ve taken advantage of a many “two hour windows”, wherein I was able to jump in the woods and experience dusk hunts. Conversely, I’ve even jumped in the woods for some dawn hunts prior to heading to work.

Withstanding the foregoing however, hunting on Long Island, particularly hunting in those areas that are nestled between communities, does offer several challenges. Therefore, prior to hunting these areas, it would be prudent for every hunter to take into account several strategic considerations.

First, if you are hunting private land, although certain land may not be “posted”, it is always advisable to obtain permission. Pointedly, the hunting lifestyle is not embedded into the “downstate” public conscious and culture, and thus people aren’t generally cognizant of any obligation to “post” their land.

Second, it is always wise to think through “post-shot” scenarios. Due to the lack of available land, it becomes even more incumbent for the hunter to execute a “kill” shot. Our sport is not benefitted by the potential of a wounded deer running throughout a neighborhood, gushing blood, and impaled by an arrow. The hunter should always think about the direction a “hit” deer will likely head, as well as the likely approximate distance the deer will travel before expiring.

Third, I’ve always found that parking in incognito fashion is always probably a good bet. For better or for worse, the facts are that many downstate people don’t approve of hunting; or alternatively, simply exaggerate the risks. Abiding by the philosophy “out of sight – out of mind” seemingly is a wise choice for hunters to assume. If you are hunting on private land, try to park somewhere other than just off the side of the road.

As stated, suburban hunting offers the hunter some great opportunities. Accordingly, any avid hunter should not wait until his/her yearly upstate hunting trip comes around, but rather should enjoy the Long Island outdoors on a much more frequent basis.

killoran bio picChristian Killoran is a resident of Remsenburg, Long Island with his wife and 3 children. He is an attorney with a BA in Philosophy; MBA of Marketing & Juris Doctorate Law. He is the founder of IHE Productions. He is a member of Hunters for Deer and Long Island Deer Hunters. He is a passionate conservationist and personally manages the Remsenburg DMP program. Christian is an avid whitetail bow hunter, who has been hunting since his late teens. When not busy practicing law, producing for IHE or writing about the great outdoors, he enjoys hunting Long Island as well as his properties upstate in Edmeston & Fleischmanns.




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